There Is A Material For Laser Cutting

With over 10 years of technology and market research in manufacturing, we know the issues users have when using laser engraving and cutting machines. One of the solutions we came up with was to use the latest technology in our laser cutting solutions. Flexible and process-optimizing manufacturing can be achieved with our industrial laser cutters.

acrylic laser cutter

The XTool D1 can engrave at 100mm/s, 50mm/s and 80mm/s. It’s possible to make your home look better or become the laser acrylic cutter next best selling product for your online business. The chart shows the kerf sizes in the function of the thickness.

In the making of awards is the most common use of acrylic. At conferences and events, you might have seen shields and awards. A laser machine cuts and engraves the main part of the award.

Learn How To Use A Laser Cutter

It’s important to understand the limitations of acrylic colors, because a laser can cut it. Some dark oqaque can be cut by didoe laser cutter. Due to the matching color of the laser beams, engraving or cutting blue acrylic is not possible with a blue light laser.

There Are Different Types Of Acrylic

Compared to CO2 lasers, led lasers are a cheaper technology and can be found in many desktop laser cutters. Lasers produce visible light which can pass through the acrylic sheet, so it is not advised to use them. This makes cutting very inefficient and slows down the laser cutter, which reduces the quality of the final cut. This includes production of exclusive single pieces and entire series. If you’re working in a small area, Beamo is a great option. It has a powerful CO2 laser that can cut and engrave on organic materials.

It doesn’t take much laser power to mark the acrylic, and if your power is too high you’ll notice some distortion in the material. It is one of the most common ideas, and people love to buy such keychains. Some plastics, like Plexiglass®, lend themselves more to cutting than others. The best results are obtained with acrylic (PMMA) plexiglass and polypropylene. This is because it can generate cuts with smooth edges without any scorch marks.

The method is quick, as the material is removed with each pulse of the laser. It can be used on a variety of surfaces. When engraving your parts, you must make sure to mirror the image so that it looks right when you look at your part head on.

While you remove the finished parts from zone B, the laser cutter can process the material in zone A. The entire processing area can be used without any downtime. It is easy to integrate the laser cutter into your data work.

The corner is where efforts get concentrated and the angles are a weak point. Adding a hole at the corner of each sharp angle is a solution to this problem. The stress can be distributed across the whole surface of the hole. It is recommended to first prime the piece and then use a spray paint on the parts.

If you want your pieces to be mobile, the space must be larger. Make sure that your design has enough space for the kerf. Because of its transparency and glass like transparency, it was created earlier. If kept in ideal environments, even cheaper plastic can last a long time. It is expected that parts made decades ago can last for up to 50 years if they are properly maintained. It is thought that the average life of an acrylic part will be around 30 years.